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Castle of Clouds

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NEW RELEASE - Bullets in the hallway

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The German metalcore band Castle of Clouds was founded 2015 in the heart of culture based Berlin. By releasing their debut EP Silhouettes single handedly, the ball got rolling. Including a professional production at the well known studio Mix Berlin and an embedment of a refreshing metalcore sound, Silhouettes granted an intense phase of touring. Exclusive shows with metal heavyweights such as Kingdom of Giants, We Butter the bread with Butter and others resulted in an own initiated tour, visiting greater parts of Germany and Czech Republic.

After two years of playing extensivly, Castle of Clouds decided to walk into a new direction by producing the single Collide at Sawdust Records, the studio lead by Christoph Wieczorek, lead singer of Annisokay. The sound developed into a more energetic scape, influenced by oldschool Nu-Metal vibes. After a great response, their first album was in the making. Unfortunately the loss of elemental band members and internal misguidances delayed the process.

Finally in 2019 Castle of Clouds entered the studio. A huge productional involvement escorted the band throughout the recording progress. DNA Studio, managed by Novelist members Nicolas Delestrade and Amael Durand, known for clients alike Betraying the Martyrs, Novelists and Kadinja, supported the whole production process. Mixed by Jaro Sound, who already worked for Gojira and Decapitated and self contained mastering, Castle of Clouds took an enormous step to define their new sound.

Played out by unfortune again, Covid hit the world and the release was postponed. Now, with the their first album Forgotten Elegies upon their sleeves, Castle of Clouds awaits the long expected call to action to release new music and take over the clubs again. 

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